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We are currently hiring, if you think you want to work for please submit your resume and tell us a little about yourselves, what field are you currently employed in, previous employment and experience, and most importantly what would you LIKE to do? And what do you think you can bring to Current positions include field engineers, marketing, solar panel specialists, alternative fuel specialist, direct marketing, publicists/writers, UI/UX specialists.

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If you would like your article to be published at or if you would like to become a writer at please submit at least 3 articles. You must include your full name and contact information, a short synopsys of your article and all research sources used. Please note, that once submitted, all articles become sole property of and we can use/modify them to fit our needs. We highly advice not to submit articles that have been plagiarized, all material has to be unique and not published yet.

We accept free-format writing as well as long as it has a relative proper title, theme, and conclusion.

If you would like to write about alternative energy sources, reviews of energy companies or products, or even your experience with energy saving, you're more than welcome to do so. All images have to be your own.

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