5 Renewable Energy Trends That Will Shape the Future

5 Renewable Energy Trends That Will Shape the Future

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy revolution is here with us, and some of the leading businesses and technology companies are already on board. Renewables are poised to deliver about 20% of the world’s energy consumption over the next few years. Here are some of the renewable energy trends that are bound to shape the future:

Off-shore Wind Hot Spot

The Block Island Wind Farm began its commercial operations and has been a huge development in the area of offshore wind power. Developers have put forth proposals that will drive the renewable energy sector for years to come. The offshore segment will also shape the future in terms of new state-level policies, infrastructure for effective supply chain, and new partnerships that will see offshore wind developers and offshore oil and gas experts take advantage of the skills that each party has to offer.

Storage in Energy Markets

It’s essential to store renewable energy if we are to overcome the intermittent nature, as well as make renewables reliable and realistic sources of energy. There’s also an increased demand for aircrafts, large businesses, and electric vehicles to run on 100% renewable energy. Therefore, expect to see lots of research, advancements, and deployment of energy storage in the future.


There have been efforts to build waste-to-energy power plants to control landfill expansion. However, there’s still a great deal of progress that has to be made to put waste-to-energy policies in place, which will drive the infrastructure for the industry. Therefore, expect new projects in the coming years.

Cyber Security in Renewable Generation and Integration

The prominence and the growing importance of renewable energy technologies to power supply have led to an increased need for the industry to develop appropriate cybersecurity strategies. A cyber attack has the ability to damage a project’s physical assets and create energy security risks in case of large-scale grid blackouts.

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