Learning to Recognize Your Life Force Energy

Posted: April 5, 2019 Author: zach

Life force energy is a term that gets thrown around a lot in self help circles and personal development communities.  Those who are conscious of our energy understand that it is a vital component to our happiness and overall health.  What’s surprising is that very few people understand this concept at even a basic level. 

Life force energy can be simply defined as the frequency of energy waves being emitted from the body.  We all have a frequency, and it varies by the day and by the minute.  When we are happy, we emit a high frequency.  When we are sad or depressed, our frequency becomes much lower.  This fact has been scientifically proven by quantum physicists, but it is still dismissed as New Age nonsense by many.

Here’s the reality, we all carry a frequency with us, every second of the day.  Those among us who are in tune with this can feel the energy being emitted from another person.  They have an intuitive sense of what others may be feeling just based off of the vibrations they pick up from that individual. 

This doesn’t stop at humans.  Every thing on this earth, even inanimate objects, carry life force energy.  The same atoms that make up our physical body are the same atoms that make up everything on earth, both living and not.  These atoms are what cause this frequency.  The constant movement of protons and electrons around a central nucleus emit an energy. 

This is the most important part to remember, this energy is contagious.  The energy we omit is absorbed by everyone and everything around us.  We’ve all experienced this one:  We’re in a great mood, than at some point during the day another individual triggers us, and from that point on our mood is diminished and we have a feeling of anger and anxiety towards that interaction.  This is a perfect example of how energy is transferred from person to person. 

This reality makes up the principles of karma and ‘The Golden Rule’.  Do unto others.  Everything you do, good and bad, comes back to you.  We must be very wary of our life force energy and how it can have a profound impact on those around us. 

Once we come to terms with this reality, we are much more likely to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.  We also become aware of the energy of others, and we put in place safeguards from the negative energy of others.  It becomes much easier to identify people with bad life force energy, and we can more easily block or resist that energy from transferring to us.

Life force energy is a powerful force.  Those who can harness it enjoy a much happier lifestyle and are must better equipped to manage their emotions and control how they react in certain situations.  There are many self help workshops that help us control our life force energy.  I recommend you read up on the topic and understand it more, because those that understand it hold the key to happiness and peacefulness.