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These days, people have more and more the tendency of living ecologically. Starting with food, plastic bags or energy suppliers, they all slowly turn to what used to be decades, even centuries ago. Why so? Because we realize that nothing tastes like some fresh tomatoes just picked up from our garden, or that the remnant is not going anyway, and gets bigger and bigger as days go by, or that all the energy industry is causing so much trouble to our planet, that even the weather is changing for the worse.

Now, can we do something about all these? Unfortunately, most of the changes that have been brought in the last century to our planet are irreversible, but what we can and must do is to make sure that these changes won’t cause any more ecological disasters to Earth.

We could start by using paper bags, and avoiding chemical-infested food, and of course use as much alternative energies we can. There several alternative energies, and probably the most well known are the ones produced by the sun or the wind. Let’s see why we should build a windmill and use it as a source of energy (we all know that windmills are the ones that turn wind energy into mechanical energy and electricity).

Starting with the 9 th century, many a farmer began to build a windmill in order to use them for grain grinding, threshing, land drainage or water supply. Unfortunately but inevitably, starting with the industrial revolution, windmills were replaced by the use of steam and internal combustion engines, and people even started to forget how to build a windmill. That was the start of all the changes our planet is facing.

Fortunately and hopefully not too late, people realized that this whole evolution thing is going in the wrong way, and what did they do? They went back to the old trend of using wind energy as a type of ecological energy.

The sad part is that not everyone knows how to build to a windmill anymore. It’s also not practical to build a windmill for heavily populated areas. However, for a rural community, this would surely be the best option.

Local authorities should make bigger efforts in gaining founds to develop and implement a windmill system, to supply most of the energy the community uses. There are states like California, for whom going green is one of the priorities, and they should be a model for the rest of the world. For example, they have workshops where they teach farmers how to build a windmill. They also give loans that allow them to build a windmill and pay for it later.

Let’s take Netherlands for example, where you drive for miles and all you see are fields of windmills. Don’t they look great? This is what we should see everywhere, in all countries. This is what our planet needs. No more toxic gases, but these 100% pollution-free high-tech machineries.

For an individual, to build a windmill might be a great effort, but for a community is not the same. Several men could build a windmill and share the benefits. We must open our eyes to see and think green before it’s too late.


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