Learning to Recognize Your Life Force Energy

Life force energy is a term that gets thrown around a lot in self help circles and personal development communities.  Those who are conscious of our energy understand that it is a vital component to our happiness and overall health.  What’s surprising is that very few people understand this concept at even a basic level. 

Life force energy can be simply defined as the frequency of energy waves being emitted from the body.  We all have a frequency, and it varies by the day and by the minute.  When we are happy, we emit a high frequency.  When we are sad or depressed, our frequency becomes much lower.  This fact has been scientifically proven by quantum physicists, but it is still dismissed as New Age nonsense by many. Continue reading “Learning to Recognize Your Life Force Energy”

Energy Psychology and EFT

There’s a new psychological treatment gaining popularity called Energy Psychology. This groundbreaking approach to therapy is centered around utilizing the human energy field to enact real change in an individual. Among the most popular of these therapies is something called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), in which physical and/or emotional pain can be removed by tapping or applying pressure to certain points of the body. Continue reading “Energy Psychology and EFT”