Energy Psychology and EFT

Posted: September 27, 2019 Author: zach

There’s a new psychological treatment gaining popularity called Energy Psychology. This groundbreaking approach to therapy is centered around utilizing the human energy field to enact real change in an individual. Among the most popular of these therapies is something called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), in which physical and/or emotional pain can be removed by tapping or applying pressure to certain points of the body.

What’s truly remarkable about this therapy is the quickness in its efficacy. Traditional speech based therapy can take years to fully take hold, while tapping and EFT can provide the same type of progress in just minutes of therapy. People who have been taught and learn this type of therapy have shown incredible progress in just a few sessions of therapy.

Energy Psychology is not a new concept, but has really hit the mainstream over the past couple of years. As more and more studies into energy physics has shown the direct correlation between our moods and our body’s energy field, many in the field of psychology have adopted this new method of treatment and have shown astonishing results with patients.

EFT is the most popular form of therapy in Energy Psychology at the moment, and it’s closely tied to traditional Chinese acupuncture, which has been around for centuries. Rather than using needles, an individual can simply apply slight tapping pressure to these meridian points of the body that are interconnected via our nervous system to other areas of the body. By learning these meridians, individuals can alleviate pain, anxiety, fear, and sadness within a few minutes of ‘tapping’ on the right meridian.

This breakthrough has been an incredible advancement in the field of psychology, and we’re only scratching the surface as to our complete understanding of this exciting new treatment. While Energy Psychology is yet to be adopted by the entire field of psychology, those who are the early adopters have been among the most vocal proponents. As more and more studies surface in the field of Energy Psychology, one this is for certain: this form of therapy is here to stay, and it has already shown to have a huge positive impact to those who learn it.

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